White Gold Ring Is the Most Popular

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White Gold Ring  – White gold wedding ring is one of the most popular rings today. White gold is produced from a mixture of pure gold with some white metals such as nickel, platinum or silver. As well as yellow gold, white gold using the measurement unit of rust. Usually the percentage of mixing white gold ranged from 75% pure gold and 25% of this type of alloy white. To appear more radiant, the mixture is then plated by using a substance called rhodium. White gold ring is now favored by everyone in different parts of the world.

White Gold Ring design

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White Gold Ring Review

The White Gold Ring Is the Most PopularWhite gold is a metal that is very strong and not easily scratched. Metals have an awesome power, but fairly easy to set up, carved and molded into a gorgeous white gold ring. Perfection of the many advantages that makes white gold ring is perfect for everyday use. And white gold rings are also very suitable for any skin color because the color is white and clean and shining.

There is an assumption that is very easy to sell white gold ring because the ring is so popular. The seller can easily sell ring white gold rings like selling fried peanuts. White gold ring will seem more special when we put it together with diamonds. Beautiful luster of the diamond ring would make it shinier and looks luxurious. Not only purchases, matching white gold paired with various kinds of precious stones such as sapphire, emerald and sapphire. This is because white is the color of universal, unlike yellow gold ring that is less suitable when compared to emerald green or red sapphire. Currently popular are the ones that unite many white gold birthstones by month of birth.

To get the perfect white gold ring to your liking, there are plenty of designs that you can adopt to further beautify your wedding ring. There are so many design options and you will be spoiled with many choices. The style of the most common and widely used is channel set design also stack. To further give the impression that you can also add a personalized engraving your name and your partner in the ring, engraving wedding date or a quote on your wedding ring.

In addition to design and style stack channel set you can also opt for solitaire style. With a mix of various colors that surround the diamond ring will add to the impression of luxury in your white gold ring. You can also add an element of yellow gold so the metal ring on the ring will have two colors or what we call the two-tone ring.

How to Buy White Gold Ring

best white gold ring 2012 What is white gold ring price ?With the growing popularity of white gold ring, many jewelry stores that sell white gold ring and one could even say there is not one any jewelry store that does not sell white gold ring. You can find even more types and designs of white gold rings at jewelry stores online. Because now there are so many great online jewelry store that offers a reliable variety of types of jewelry ranging from rings, necklaces, bracelets and white gold rings are definitely likely be sold there.

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