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What Ring Size Am I – You do not know your own ring size? Many people are experiencing the same thing because not everyone is happy to wear a ring on their finger. When they are married they usually upset because they do not know how the size of their rings. Them as if to ask yourself, what ring size am I?

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What Ring Size Am I – Overview

What Ring Size Am IHow can i measure what ring size i am ?There are several ways you can do to be able to determine your own ring size accurately. Here are some tips that you can do, you can do any troubleshooting or take one course.

I have skinny fingers what ring size am i ?First you can measure your ring size when asleep. You can ask for help from your parents or your close friends to do this when you are fast asleep on the subconscious. This is one of the most recommended by experts of jewelry. How to measure sleep when there is: you can use paper and then wrapped around the paper on your finger and then to mark only the parts that are overlapping. Measure the length of the paper according to the mark you have made and take it to the nearest jewelry store. They will easily find out the size of your ring, before you take the measurement results to a jewelry store, a good idea to repeat this method at least three times. Due to the size of your finger may change depending on weather conditions at the time. After three times to experiment, you can infer the average as your ring size.

Another way is that you can borrow your friend’s ring. Then you wear on your ring finger. Do this to every friend you have. Even you can also borrow a ring lover, who knows you both the exact same size. It is a method of measurement that is ridiculous but it could work for some people.

Another way you can do is to visit some online jewelry store and then tried every resource available to you to use as a measurement of your finger. There are many methods to measure in online jewelry store. This is because they realize they give 100% and not everyone has or know their ring size. They are also aware that the online stores people cannot try the ring as in conventional stores. That’s why they provide a wide range of tools that really can help you to find the appropriate size for your ring.

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Conclusion – What Ring Size Am I

Never be in a hurry to make a decision, you need to be relaxed in this process. This is very important because your finger size can change according to the emotions that exist in you. The size of your finger can change the weather.

There are some online jewelry stores that provide 30 days warranty back if you ordered the wrong ring size, would be very wise if you buy the ring from online stores like this. Because you will reduce the fears of the ring is too loose or too tight.

What ring size am I? Do not know your ring size itself is not so bad, especially if you are a man. Since most of the men simply did not know the size of their fingers until they finally get married and wear wedding rings on their ring finger.

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