What is 22k gold jewellery

22K gold jewellery – Anyone who wants to buy gold jewelry will see not only different design but also different carat measured such as 22K gold jewellery or 18K gold jewelry. What actually makes them different and what will be the best measurement for the gold jewelry that you like to have? First of all, you need to know that almost everything in this world can be measured although it has its own scale and measurement type. Gold is measured with carat or a simple way to explain to other people how much pure gold that the jewelry has on it. Since gold is a precious metal, the higher carat the gold has the higher price the gold will be sold in the market.

22k gold jewelry designs

22k gold jewelry designs

 22K gold jewellery designs

The 22K gold jewellery refers to the purity level of gold where the highest or pure gold is measured 24K. Other than that means it has less gold purity. The number of carat measured for gold starts from 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K and 24K. This makes 22K as the second highest purity of gold jewelry. So, what makes people develop the measurement for their jewelry and why don’t they stick in the purest gold of 24K only? There are several reasons to answer this question and maybe the most obvious one is the price. Fewer karats means less gold and that makes it less expensive.

Many people want to have jewelry that is made of gold and since the price is pretty high, they opt for lesser karat but nevertheless it is still gold jewelry although it is far from 22K gold jewellery or even the 24K. Of course that is not the only reason why there is different measured karat for gold jewelry. 24K gold was too soft to be made and shaped into jewelry so the jeweler mixed it with another metal such as silver and copper to make them harder and sturdy enough to bend and shape as the design.

Less pure gold will be strong enough to be embedded or studded with precious gemstone such as diamond or ruby. That is why, 18K or 22K is the most common gold jewelry to be found with gemstone on it. The 22K is the mixture between two metals in which 91.3 percent of it is gold and the rest of it is other metals. It is common to find jewelry or gold coins and bullions made of 22K gold and it has the deeper copper gold color compared to the rest of them.

22k gold jewelry sets

22k gold jewelry sets

 22K gold jewellery engagement rings

If you notice, gold has different color that comes from different metals that are mixed with it. White gleam colors come from the mixture between gold and white metal like titanium and rhodium while the rose gold color or gold with pinkish hue is resulted from a mixture of gold and copper. In this day, yellow gold color is not the only options that people look for since titanium or white gold also become more popular. No matter what color they are, the design for the jewelry that you are going to buy, you need to make sure that it has the authenticity stamp or certificate on it (such as Hallmark stamp that is globally accepted). Once again, the decision is on your hand although 22K gold jewellery is the most valuable value that you can have for your beautiful jewelry.

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