Top 5 Pocket Friendly Church Wedding Decoration ideas

Church Wedding Decoration ideas – Church weddings are very common. There is always one going on somewhere at any given time. But while they all share a common thing as far as they venue is concerned, they are usually different as far as themes are concerned. In other words, church weddings usually incorporate different decors. That explains why there are several blogs, magazines and bridal journals on church wedding decoration ideas. Nearly all ideas published on the said platforms are good. Your best bet is to find one that will not force you to spend so much and go for it. Read on to learn more about such ideas.

Cheap wedding reception decoration ideas

Unique church wedding decoration ideas

The tent

There is a new trend coming up in weddings these days where a couple decides to have their wedding reception at the church premises where they exchanged their vows. A tent is then set up right outside the church, complete with dining tables and chairs. While this saves time and money, it always calls for utmost care as far as decorating the tent is concerned. There are of course, wedding tent decoration ideas that can be observed. But just like it has already hinted above, weddings are different. One must find a way to come up with unique tent decoration ideas. First off, choose a wedding tent of the right color. If the wedding theme is blue, go for a white wedding tent with blue ribbons

The outdoor reception

You can decide to have your reception at a nearby beach. This can only mean one thing – that your beach decoration ideas have to be simple, yet perfect. One good thing with beach receptions is the fact that you can stick to simple colors. Turquois blue is always recommended to represent the sea or ocean water. White is also a good color. So consider blending turquoise blue and white for your beach reception. Tangerine and pink also happen to be good colors for a beach reception. Your beach wedding decor ideas should therefore be centered on all these colors.

Your entourage

Never forget about your entourage. Your entourage here simply means the best men and bridesmaids. The cars or chariots they will use also fall under the entourage. Many couples focus on décor and forget that the people around them as well as the means of transport they will use must also reflect the décor. With that in mind, choose car or chariot colors that can match your wedding theme with ease. The suits, tuxedos and dresses that the best men and bridesmaids will wear must also match your decoration ideas.

Elegant church wedding decoration ideas

Other areas

Be keen on areas that seem subtle. Your wedding tables and chairs can for instance, seem easy to decorate. Truth is, they are trickier to decorate even after considering cheap wedding decoration ideas. You must take into account factors like how you will place centerpieces on each table. You also have consider whether candle will be appropriate on each table and of course, the kind of chairs you will use and whether they will be easy to decorate. So take your time to explore different church wedding ideas. Understand the perks and perils as well as the financial implications of each idea. That way, you will have an easy time making an informed decision.Read More unique wedding ideas and Tips here


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