What Are The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Most popular engagement ring styles– When it comes to engagement rings, there are popular engagement ring styles that you can choose from to make a lasting impression on your woman. The engagement ring setting styles are in a huge variety and you can choose from the various vintage style engagement ring styles to get a unique piece for her daily enjoyment and reminder of your love for her. What is the most popular engagement ring styles you love?Here are some of the best vintage styles you can choose from.

Antique white gold engagement rings

Popular engagement ring styles over the decades

Victorian style engagement rings – The Victorian era falls between 1835 to around 1900 and named after Queen Victoria a jewelry lover with a trademark of wearing a ring for every finger. Most of the rings falling under this era are made from rose gold and yellow gold and boast intricate engravings, symbolic designs and delicate enamel. Popular designs are those of snakes representing eternity and wisdom and nature themes like flowers. The Victorian style is amongst the most popular engagement ring style and has jewels such as rubies, emeralds, topazes, amethysts, sapphires, rubies and pearls. You can find the antique rings in varying karat sizes to match your preferences.
most popular engagement ring style
Edwardian style engagement rings – This is another one of the most popular engagement ring styles that you can find in the market. The era falls between 1900 and 1920 when platinum and diamonds were most popular. It goes without saying that the engagement rings under the style are made from the metals and are very feminine and delicate for that matter. A popular design is one that has the metal bended to mimic lace embroidery or those that have gone through milgraining which is a decorative technique that leaves the rings with tiny bead shape rows along the edges of the band and surrounded by precious stones such as diamonds. Apart from diamonds, the Edwardian style also makes use of jewels like garnets, black opals, aquamarines, sapphires, amethysts and peridots around a diamond centerpiece.

engagement rings antique style

Art deco style engagement rings – When talking about popular engagement ring styles, the art deco cannot be ignored. It is a style that is loved by jewelers such as Tiffany & Co and Harry Winston and go back to the 20s period. During the Art Deco period, platinum was very popular even though silver and white gold were still around. The style basically mimics geometric shapes such as square cut diamond rings and triangular cut diamond rings. Diamonds make the highlight of the style, making the center gem on the engagement ring and linear patterns of emeralds and sapphires completing the look around the diamond. They together make a combination of light and bold colors which can be termed as the trademark of the Art Deco era.

oval antique engagement rings

Popular engagement ring styles and settings

Other popular engagement ring styles that you can choose from include western style engagement rings and Tiffany style engagement rings. The different styles available give you the option of choosing contemporary modern engagement rings or the classic vintage rings whose beauty is unmatched. So, what is your Popular Engagement Ring Styles? Whatever style you choose, you can be sure to make a lasting impression.If want to learn more the best color of the stones for Engagement rings, please read more the review of Amethyst engagement rings meaning .



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