Ruby engagement rings meaning- What Your Ring Says About You

Ruby engagement rings meaning definition – Rubies are beautiful rare stones that make perfect pieces for engagement rings. The stones are classified together with diamond, sapphire and emerald as some of the most precious stones you can find. They come second after diamonds as far as hardness goes and their value on engagement rings depends highly on the stone color, brightness, size, shape, ruby hue and weight. However, when choosing a ruby engagement ring, then the color is the most important feature followed by transparency.

ruby diamond engagement ring

Ruby engagement rings meaning behind colors

The meaning

Ruby engagement rings meaning can vary depending on the color shade and color tone. However, the stone symbolizes uniqueness, trust and truth. The gemstone is actually referred to as Stone of Nobility because it has metaphysical properties that gather and amplify bright light and energy, peace and contentment in life. It is legendary believed to have a way of reconciling quarrels between lovers.

A combination of diamond and ruby engagement rings symbolizes commitment, love and life. Ruby rings basically symbolize integrity, courage, devotion, happiness, vitality, love and happiness. The July birthstone has been the symbol of passion and love over the years and the darker the color of the stone the higher the prices go.

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Why ruby engagement rings are popular

Apart from ruby engagement rings meaning making the rings popular, there are other factors that add to the popularity of the rings.

Variety – rubes are available in different shapes as well as cuts with the more traditional ones being round and oval brilliant as well as the princess and heart shapes and others. You can find antique ruby engagement rings or contemporary rings depending on your preferences. The rings come in multiple shades of red ranging from brick red to cherry red and even brownish red.

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Beauty – the molten red of ruby makes them very beautiful stones, creating stunning engagement rings for that matter. The most famed for their beauty are Burmese rubies which come in a shiny blood color that is simply stunning. You can add to the precious beauty of your ring by choosing ruby and diamond engagement rings.

Nostalgic significance – Ruby rings hold nostalgic significance considering they remain to be amongst the most prized ancient world gems. It was a power stone and has spiritual strings to it in Asian cultures. The stone got the name from Ruber a Greek word that means red.

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Ruby engagement rings meaning and importance

When you have a need to express your emotions, then a ruby engagement ring should be your choice. The ring will mean passion, romance and love and nothing can be better for your bride to be to know about your true feelings as far as the relationship goes. It is the gem that expresses eternal bonding and strong commitment.

When buying the engagement ring, focus more on gem quality than size. Choose rubies that have no visible inclusions when you look at them because they could make the ring prone to chipping and cracking. If you are buying online, make sure that you choose reputable jewelers to get good quality at an affordable price. So What is the Ruby engagement ring meaning for yours?,Please read my another article about  sapphire engagement rings meaning by clicking the link or you can visit here


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