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Printable ring sizer-Ring shopping at online jewelry store offers many advantages for buyers who intend to shop online. But often the problem for those who shop online ring is sometimes they are unsure of the size of their rings. You certainly want a strong belief that when you are buying a ring online, you really chose the right ring size. Is there any possibility of getting a ring that is 100% fit when buying online? In this article I will try to help you to get the size that will fit your finger.

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Printable ring sizer Review

Printable Ring SizerFor those who frequently shop online, they would easily say their finger size and buy without feeling the slightest hesitation. But for those of you who are just going to buy the ring from online jewelry store would be afraid to decide for them the size of your ring. Actually you do not have to worry about this problem because if you knew anything, you would not hesitate to shop online.

Online jewelry store has a lot of articles or resources that can be utilized to help you get what you want. There is a lot of information they provide to pamper their visitors. Because they want you to feel comfortable shopping at online stores and they want you to learn a little something before buying. This is something you will not get when shopping at a local jewelry store.

One of the simplest and widely available to help online shoppers ring is printable ring sizer. This is one of the most simple and powerful enough to help you get your ring size. Usually in printable ring sizer there are several methods that you can do and you can do all of the existing methods or only one method. If you want a more accurate result certainly does not hurt to try several methods of measuring time, this is just to ensure that you get the appropriate size of the actual existing. There is one method in printable ring sizer that requires you to hold a ring and encircling the document on the ring, it looks like this is the best method from other similar methods.

Another method you can get the printable ring sizer you are going to use a piece of string and wrap it on your ring finger and then match the existing results on the circle on the printable ring sizer.


Another method is that you can cut your paper that has been printed and then wrap your fingers, the corresponding holes on the paper that will show you the size.

You have to remember that the method of measurement using printable ring sizer is not entirely 100% accurate. Still, there is always the possibility of error even though only 1%, but it gets the size of which is 95% accurate enough because sometimes our fingers would swell and sometimes shrink so that no tolerance would be necessary.

Printable Ring Sizer Review

Conclusion – Printable ring sizer

Only the most accurate method to get the size that fits your finger is to go straight to the jewelry store and try rings available, and then you can ask about the size of a ring that fits your finger. Every jewelry store usually has a ring samples made of metal that serves as a tool to measure the size of your finger.


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