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Most Expensive Diamond RingDo you know what the price of the most expensive diamond ring? Many people assume that the engagement ring is the most expensive budget in a wedding party. Engagement ring is a symbol of love, loyalty and faithful to each other for eternity between two people who love each other.

So it’s no surprise when you heard the news on TV many celebrities who buy engagement rings most luxurious and with a very expensive and sometimes millions of dollars. It’s not like your typical custom clay ring; the ring is actually designed by the famous jewelry designer and made only one in the world, with the best materials and the most qualified, so it’s natural that the price of this ring could reach millions of dollars.

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Many thought that one of the diamonds, a lot of people who think that the diamond is the most expensive gemstone in the world has ever seen and this is the reason why many people are using the diamond ring as a ring for their engagement. In fact is there are plenty of other precious stones have a price far more expensive than diamonds. Precious stones are rubies, alexandrite, and blue sapphires. According to the belief of the ancient roman, diamond is a symbol of eternal fire and burning self reflection, by the Greeks diamond is also referred to as “ripping drops gods”.

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Greek people wear a ring on the left hand ring finger because they assume that the ring finger has a vein which is directly connected to the heart, although in fact this was the wrong thing. They chose diamonds because this is the most precious stone hard to get, and durability of the diamond symbolizes an eternal bond of love and will never separate.

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The most expensive diamond ever there was a yellow diamond. One of the jewelry company located in Kentucky United States never sold a 11 carat yellow diamond at a price of 1.25 million U.S. dollars. Because it is so expensive the diamond is to be delivered by armored truck security and safeguards that exceed an American president. In 2007 a celebrity named Charlie sheen buy a 5 carat yellow diamond to his ex-wife Brooke Mueller for $ 500,000 American.

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Not only the size of the diamond that makes a diamond to be expensive. There are other factors such as the clarity of a diamond and how to cut. A company well-known diamond specialist, The Royal Asscher Diamond Company is one of the most famous diamonds in the world and has created its own technique, which has been cutting into their patents are Asscher cut.

Famous celebrities who’ve bought diamonds from assher such as Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe who in 1998 bought an Asscher cut diamond ring at a price of 520,000 dollars. Queen Elizabeth II, the origin of the famous English love jewelry also has the Asscher cut rings at a price that is not mentioned.

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Some of the celebrities who have the most expensive diamond ring are Paris Hilton in 2005; the media reported it has 24-carat engagement ring worth $ 4.7 million which is one of the most expensive rings in the world has ever seen. Because it is so expensive ring, she needs to have to pay people to provide security when he wore the ring in public.

But the most expensive diamond ring ever sold is owned by the engagement ring given by Beyonce Knowles Jay-Z. This most expensive diamond ring in the world consisting of 18 karat white gold diamond ring is worth 5 million dollars in the work of the famous jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz.

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