Latest fashion trends for women – Should Women Suffer for the Sake of Fashion?

Latest fashion trends for women – It is difficult to understand the extent women are prepared to go to in sacrificing health for the sake of beauty.The risk of  Suffering for fashion  are not  only damage your financial account, but also about the damages that your interest for style might be doing to your wellness.

Suffering for fashion Which is precisely what large fashion bags are doing to a woman’s body. Super-sized handbags could be as potentially dangerous to your health as upsizing your favourite, fast food value meals.

Fashion bags for women

Womens bags or  Fashionable bags are not just painfully heavy and draped with bling, their capacity is quite large as well. These bags allow users to fill them with endless amounts of things that are not really necessary.What are the best women fashion bags ?

womens fashion bags

Based on current research that women today carry twice as much in their handbags as our mothers used to do.What do you think?  In the good old days, our moms might have had a coin purse, a powder compact, a couple of tissues and a house key. We have seen that Today’s women can be seen carrying large wallet/diary/address book/Filofax, an entire make-up bag and a bottle of water, plus great bunches of keys for the house, office and car. That’s before we get MP3 players, mobile phones, laptops, overnight bags for women, shoulder bags for women, leather bags for women and many bags for women.

Ladies fashion bags

Social anthropologist, Kate Fox, of the Social Issues Research Centre in Oxford, believes that a woman’s love for large luggage is not just about fashion. It’s about making an impression. “Larger women generally prefer to carry a big bag as it makes their butt look smaller in comparison and the fashionably petite like to emphasize their size zero status by carrying an outsize bag. “It’s okay if you have handbags the size of houses if you are a celebrity with plenty of bodyguards to help you with the carrying. “The problem is, over time it has a cumulative effect, and we’re certainly seeing more instances of back pain triggered as a result,” says Tim Hutchful of the British Chiropractic Association.

The designer bag –

Carrying a heavy bag over one shoulder can cause your body to shift stance as you hike the shoulder up, which in turn, can shorten the muscles which result in a twisted or lop-sided body position over time. This may later on lead to serious back pain, and worse, a neck injury from stretching the nerves, or even a spine fracture. Avoid carrying the bag in the crook of your arm as it is farther away from your centre of gravity, putting more strain on the body. When you hold something at arm’s length, the pressure it puts on the body is five times greater than if you were carrying it close to your chest.

Fashionista – Latest fashion for women

Whether you are a certified “fashionista,” a working mother, or a plain Jane, you should always try to remember to carry a bag that is big enough to carry only the essential things that you can not do with out. “Health is wealth.” is a better motto to live by, while passion for fashion can be a health menace.

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