How to plan a cheap intimate wedding

Tips how to plan a cheap wedding

How to start planning a wedding?

How to plan a cheap wedding is possible to be real. It is piece of cake. Core family, pastor, and the couple in the church then you do blessing of the church. Then you two are officially as husband and wife. It is so simple, isn’t it? That’s one of way how to plan a low budget wedding. Hold small party at house with family and close friends only. You can do barbeque party and gathering as the announcement that you are husband and wife now.

How to plan a low budget wedding Tips

But, although how to plan a cheap wedding as simple as usual party, each couple has their own destination of beautiful wedding. Some couple needs how to plan a small intimate wedding. It is normal because wedding is special moment. When budget is limited, let’s practice other idea how to plan a small intimate wedding.
1. Decide the place. It can be backyard, front garden, or beach
2. Order wedding band made from titanium or other no diamond
3. Rent the gown and tuxedo
4. Minimalist flower bucket
5. Invite family and close friends
6. Print the invitation card by yourself
7. Bake the wedding cake by family or you
8. Stock the beer, wine, gin, whiskey, etc from liquor shop when there are discount
9. Take the stereo from home, even you can ask your friend to play the music
10. Do the catering by family
11. Take your friend as photographer and videographer
12. Avoid overload gifts for the guest, bridesmaid, and groomsmen

Those are the steps how to plan a small wedding on budget. You can take honeymoon also when you hold the wedding on the beach. It is beautiful moment although just a simple. Why we have to limit the budget? Because you two still have long journey after married. It is better for you to save the budget for another important needed after married. Except, you have much budget, so it is free for you to set destination wedding as you two wish.
How to start planning your wedding? First, decide the date. Then, avoid overload guests list. Next, see the budget. Those are 3 main points after wedding proposal. Sometimes some couple is getting stress comes close to wedding because so many preparations have to do.

How to plan an affordable wedding?

People when face how to start planning a wedding, they will directly think about how to plan a budget wedding. Make to do list around preparation and make checklist when it have done. So you know how far your preparation. Wanna try how to plan an affordable wedding? Then decide how to plan a vegas wedding as the choice. You can do anything at vegas for wedding. It can be well prepare or spontaneous. Contact the wedding organizer at vegas for further information as your wedding guide, so you know the steps.

How to plan a cheap wedding is easy. Communicate everything with couple well is the step how to make a wedding planning binder. So everything is running well. Happy wedding, guys!




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