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Diamond And Amethyst Engagement Ring-Just like diamond, amethyst is very beautiful and durable hence a preferred stone for engagement rings. The sparkly purple gem has a royal look and feel to it and creates some of the most unique engagement ring. A green amethyst engagement ring has a soft luminous sea green appearance that makes it stunning and you can choose from a variety of styles and cuts. You also have the option of pink amethyst engagement ring that is simply elegant and very feminine.

diamond amethyst engagement ring

How Find The best diamond and amethyst engagement ring sets

If you are looking for a special engagement ring, then why not settle on a diamond and amethyst engagement ring? You can have both stones combined on your piece in such a way that brings out the best in them. They are both very luxurious gems and you will love what they can achieve for you when you pay attention to a few factors when selecting the rings. Here are some of the factors you ought to consider when choosing diamond and amethyst engagement ring.

The setting

There are so many options when it comes to setting including bezel, channel and prong. If you choose prong setting, then you should ensure that the stones are secured by strong prongs to keep corners protected depending on the shape and cut. This is especially important for cuts that come with sharp corners. The secret is to ensure that you have them mounted securely on the band to achieve the best results with the look and brightness of the gems.

diamond and amethyst engagement ring with sapphires

amethyst sterling silver ring

The metal

Of course your diamond amethyst engagement ring needs to have a metal selected. There are so many option including white and yellow gold, platinum and palladium among others. If you are buying ready made rings then you simply need to select a metal that you prefer best. However, for your custom engagement ring, you need to pay attention to a few things before choosing a metal. For instance, if you are going or yellow gold, then you should go easy on the gem colors. You can choose white diamonds for the metal and very few green amethysts so the ring does not end up looking too busy to the eyes. If you settle for platinum, you have the freedom to play around with the gem colors because the white metal can accommodate a number of colors and still look stunning. You for instance can choose black diamonds and green amethyst or pink amethysts for the ring.

The Picture of black diamond and amethyst engagement ring

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Gem combination

Diamond and amethyst engagement ring can definitely be striking but the combination style that you choose can determine the kind of end results that you have. You can choose to have a large diamond as the center piece and have smaller green or pink amethyst stones surrounding it or running along the ring band or you can choose a large green amethyst and have white diamonds surrounding the center piece or running in a style you love the most. This is the kind of freedom you can enjoy when customizing your diamond and amethyst engagement ring for that unique special look.




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