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CZ Ring-No one who denies that diamond rings are the most beautiful ring today, however the price of the diamond ring makes a lot of people cannot buy this ring, especially with the price of gold increased sharply in the last decade. With the high prices of diamond rings you can find another alternative with a similar ring with diamond ring. The first choice naturally fell on a cubic zirconia ring or commonly abbreviated as CZ ring.

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CZ Ring Review

cz ring ReviewCZ ring is a beautiful ring and be the first choice when you consider that the price of the diamond ring is too expensive for you, CZ stone that is very similar to a diamond, but at a very much different. You can make a CZ ring by using ingredients commonly used to make diamond rings like yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum and titanium. If you feel do not meet expectations CZ stones, you can try to unify cz stone with several other precious stones such as pearls, topaz, emerald, amethyst, jade and other precious stones gorgeous.

Price of CZ ring varies, it depends on what precious metal is used, if the use of gold, how many carats of gold and precious stones is there other than the CZ in the ring. Sure would be much cheaper if you just use CZ stones only. It also depends on how many CZ stones are used and where you buy the ring. The place where you buy will greatly determine the price of CZ ring.

Companies such as Kohl’s and Macy’s sell CZ ring with 14k yellow gold, designed with luxury and priced $ 300 to $ 450. However, if the price is still too expensive for you, you can visit several retail sites that sell jewelry online such as selling overstock CZ 14k ring for $ 160. You also can visit the Amazon are selling CZ ring with three stones CZ sold for $ 180.

Is the price of CZ rings made of gold are still expensive for you? Do not worry you can get a much more affordable price by replacing the precious metals such as gold with other materials. Materials that you can use to replace the gold are silver. Silver has a resemblance to white gold but has a much more affordable price than white gold. You can get silver CZ ring for less than $ 100 per pc.

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If you intend to make it as an engagement ring CZ ring, you should consider going to Wal mart or target. Some jewelry sites online buying rings from them. CZ silver ring with materials that are sold at Wal mart has a price less than $ 40 to $ 80; do not worry about the quality because Wal mart is a retail company in the world no.1. CZ ring they have a design that is not less beautiful with the high-priced ring.

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Gold CZ Ring

In addition to the metal of course there are many other precious stones that can be used together with CZ stones. Several online companies sell this ring at a cost of approximately $ 50. If you want a CZ ring made of gold then you need a little added about $ 30 – $ 40 only. You can purchase a 10k gold CZ ring with a price still under $ 100.

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