Black diamond engagement ring meaning behind colors representing

Black diamond engagement ring meaning and definition – On a general point of view, the color black is associated with grief and death. However, this is not the same case when it comes to black diamond rings. Black diamond engagement ring meaning is deeper and holds great significance both to the giver and the receiver. It simply means passion, certainty, strength and power. Giving the ring therefore simply goes to show the commitment, strength, passion and love that the couple shares.

Black diamond white gold engagement rings

The more adventurous couples will find the black diamond engagement ring sets better than the traditional solitaire diamond rings. They definitely offer a distinct way of epitomizing love. Black diamond wedding ring sets and black band engagement rings can be unique, dramatic and sophisticated.

Black diamond engagement ring meaning behind colors question

Are they really black?

Diamonds are usually found in yellow, blue and pink colors besides the common traditional clear color. The black look is usually as a result of dark inclusions as well as microscopic sulfide deposits in the stone. Naturally occurring black diamonds have black uniformity and not a grayish appearance. However, the solid black colored engagement rings available in the market today usually go through color enhancement techniques to give them that opaque color. They maintain the unique shine but do not refract light like other colors do.

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What is black diamond meaning?Apart from going for black diamond engagement ring meaning, you should also consider whether it suits your personality. Confident bold ladies will find the rings very suitable. If you love the charm and mystery, then the rings are also for you. They add style and sophistication to your look and you can be sure to stand unique from what engagement rings are believed to be.

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Black diamond engagement ring meaning quality


How much are black diamonds worth? The rings are cheaper compared with white diamond, but the prices can greatly vary by cut, carat and color of the stones. Stones that are color enhanced will tend to be cheaper compared with those that have the naturally occurring black color. Princess cut black diamond engagement rings are some of the most popular, but you can also find antique black diamond engagement rings that are affordable.


Black diamond rings are just as hard as the rest of the diamonds and this means you can enjoy your ring for a long time still in great condition. However, if there are excessive inclusions, then the ring tends to be brittle and prone to chipping.

Black diamond white gold

Black diamond engagement ring meaning and importance

When looking at black diamonds meaning, you should also consider the shape of the stone on the ring. The best are square, oval and round since they enhance the solid deep color of the black stones. Also important to consider when choosing black diamond engagement rings is the stone setting a center black stone with smaller white diamond accents around it can be a great selection. There are so many different settings you can choose from to have a ring that looks great when worn. When working with jewelers who are experienced, you can enjoy customization services that will give you a unique ring design and setting that matches your individual preferences.




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