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Amethyst Crystal Meaning – Amethyst crystals are available in shades of purple, mauve and lilac. It is however also possible to find green amethyst and pink amethyst, which makes very pretty stones for an engagement ring. These stones have for the longest time been worn to instill sober minds and guard against drunkenness. Amethyst is actually a word that is derived from Greek and means without drunkenness. There are a number of amethyst crystal meanings around the stones, including power and protection from fear. They are also referred to as wisdom stones and symbolize humility, sincerity, piety as well as spiritual wisdom which is why Catholic bishops wear them. They are also believed to have healing properties against breathing and blood issues.What Amethyst Crystal Meaning?

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Amethyst engagement rings

The color of the stones has made them very popular for engagement rings. They have actually managed to grab royalty attention for both ecclesiastic and secular and were found on the family jewelries of aristocrats making them royalty hues. If you want to make your bride to be have a feeling of royalty, then you can use the stones on the ring for the proposal.

What does amethyst crystal meaning?The meaning of amethyst has a rich Greek story behind it making the stones even more popular as engagement ring adornment. Green amethyst engagement rings are great choices for the traditional guy wishing to express love. The fact is that the stone can change color when it is exposed to heat and can be used to express transformative love that is bound to make the life of the wearer even better.

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It is the birthstone of the month of February and it makes the perfect choice for an engagement ring for a girl born in the month or has a close affinity to the month. It will serve as proof of attention to life dates that are most important to her. Februaries mean purify and this made the month of February the purification month and an engagement that has the stone is therefore taken to symbolize spirituality. You can choose pink amethyst engagement ring or green amethyst engagement ring or the different other purple hues the stone is available in.

Even though amethyst crystal meaning is not directly related to love, unity and marriage, the meaning around calming down anxiety, transform negative to positives, sobering addictions and assuring harmonious unions makes the stone good enough for engagement rings. It simply symbolizes purity; sincerity and spirituality which are all wedding vow characteristics forming an unshakable marriage foundation.

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When choosing the stone for the perfect engagement ring, you do not have to part with a large amount of money. This is because the gems are very affordable compared to other conventional gems used for the rings. It is probably because of the recent discovery of mines in Russia and South America eliminating scarcity of the stones. You can now embrace the amethyst crystal meaning and choose the hue you love the most to express your love to your loved one. Just like the rest of the stones, you can choose the ring setting you find most appealing for your bride.Learn meaning of amethyst stone review by clicking here


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