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1 carat diamond ring Design and pictures of  Diamond Rings‎‎ -Wedding day is an important day for all of us  : it is the day when your love is blessed by people and by God in the same time . Some say that for women is the most beautiful day of their life and that it has a greater significance for them than for men . Of course , many can be said on this matter but I guess wedding day is important for the couple as an entity . One of the main actors of the wedding represents the wedding ring . Lately , the trend for the wedding ring is represented by the 1 carat diamond ring . There can be two types of ring : the engagement ring which every woman dreams to receive from the man she loves and the wedding ring . Both of them can be seen as the wedding ring especially the engagement one because the 1 carat diamond ring is usually received by the girl when she is proposed to marry .

The pictures of diamonds Ring style -1 carat diamond ring princess cut

diamond rings one carat style
This kind of ring is especially a 1 carat cut diamond princess . The majority of this type of rings are made out of gold or white silver and they have a diamond in the center which were often showcased in some carved cases to create an illusion . These rings are very elegant and they show a great range of character and style . f you are about to get married or to ask the woman you love to marry you , you should know the following aspects about these rings ; there are many types of gem shape such as : brilliant , princess or round , many types of gemstone : cubic zirconia that really imitate diamonds  , and of course diamonds .

How to Shop 1 Carat Diamond Rings – Better Diamonds and the Lower Prices?

Rings can be made by different kinds of material : platinum , rhodium , silver , sterling silver , yellow gold or white gold . The prices of course depend on the different type of material , gemstone , shape and also if they have delicate details which were represented by beautifully craved hearts , leaves , flowers and also shimmering side diamonds .  Depending on this kind of aspects , you can pay for a wedding ring a couple of hundred euro or even a couple of thousand .

I think there is not so important the price , the design or how it is shaped or how many details it has on it . The simple 1 carat diamond ring is precious , is beautiful , is classic and it looks wonderful on every woman’s finger . The significance of wedding ring is given by this kind of ring with one stone in center which the woman receives the moment she is asked to marry by the man she loves the most .  The ring means the love , the engagement between two people who are in love , the union of their hearts , the future life that they will have together and it is the only piece of jewelry that a woman will never stop wearing .

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